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Hailed as 「KING OF LIVE」, Wu Bai returns to Singapore for 「Wu Bai & China Blue 2024 Rock Live in Singapore」


On 7 Jul, the distinguished "Asia's King of Rock", Wu Bai, is set to return to the stage to present his timeless classics and showcase the distinctive allure of his signature "Wu-style" rock. Since his debut 34 years ago, Wu Bai has composed a slew of rock hits, including iconic tracks such as " Last Dance", "突然的自我 (Suddenly Myself)", "你是我的花朵 (You Are My Flower)", "再度重相逢 (Again, Meet Again)",  "浪人情歌 (Wanderer’s Love Song)", "挪威的森林 (Norwegian Forest)", "爱你一万年 (Love You Ten Thousand Years)", and more.


Wu Bai previously clinched the Best Album award at the 10th Golden Melody Awards for the album "树枝孤鸟 (Lonely Tree, Lonely Bird)," and also secured the Best Taiwanese Male Singer award at the 17th Golden Melody Awards for his album "双面人 (Two Face Man)." On 2017, Wu Bai's "钉子花 (Ding Zi Hua)"  earned him six nominations at the year's Golden Melody Awards. The nominations included Best Taiwanese Male Singer, Best Taiwanese Album, Best Lyricist, Best Song of the Year, Best Arranger, and Best Album of the Year.  On 2023, Wu Bai released his 15th studio album “純白的起点 (White Start)”.


Wu Bai's distinctive voice, coupled with his impassioned lyrics, has captivated audiences for decades. His musical repertoire spans various genres, seamlessly blending rock, pop, electro and folk influences. Apart from his soulful ballads, his energetic and electrifying stage performances have captivated audiences, earning him a devoted fan base. Crowned one of the biggest superstars in Chinese rock, Wu Bai popularized the genre in the 90s and released countless hits that brought Taiwanese rock music to global audiences.

Julia Peng 彭佳慧 Singapore Concert 2024

Julia Peng 彭佳慧 Singapore Concert 2024.jpg





Best of YouYa 2024 Concert《爱在飞扬》演唱会

Best of YouYa 2024 Concert《爱在飞扬》演唱会.jpg






Due to overwhelming response, Firdhaus 《WE‘RE ONLY HUMAN》second added show has officially sold out. Thank you everyone for your support and we trust you will have an enjoyable session with Firdhaus on show day.


The "WILD WILD” Show – Feel the wild! Unleash the wild!

The _WILD WILD” Show – Feel the wild! Unleash the wild!.jpg
  1. Get ready for an unforgettable night at the “WILD WILD” Show! This electrifying musical extravaganza isn't just for the ladies—it's for anyone who’s ready to embark on a wild adventure and experience the thrill of the " WILD WILD”. Happening at The Theatre at Mediacorp on 13thand 14th July 2024! 

  2. Witness the electrifying spectacle of WILD WILD's inaugural appearance in Singapore as part of their thrilling Asia tour! Get ready for 75 minutes of pure entertainment that promises to enchant audiences of all kinds. From electrifying dance sequences to awe-inspiring feats of athleticism, the talented, attractive and charismatic performers will leave you spellbound. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless and craving more.

  3. "WILD WILD" is a celebration of diversity and individuality, where everyone is invited to let loose and embrace the thrill of the moment. Join us for an evening of excitement and wonder at WILD WILD's Singapore premiere!

  4. But wait, there's more! The “WILD WILD” Show will be hosting two shows in Singapore: the first show is exclusively for women who wants a one-night fantastic breakaway! But fret not, the second show will be open to all genders above the age of 18! Don't miss out on this exhilarating experience—it's a show that you will never want to forget!

Bebefinn LIVE ON STAGE – Bedtime Adventure

Bebefinn LIVE ON STAGE – Bedtime Adventure.jpg
  1. SINGAPORE’S PREMIERE of Bebefinn LIVE – Bedtime Adventure!

  2. Dive into Finn’s World on his Bedtime Adventure Under the Stars!

  3. Our favorite 20-month-old Bebefinn, known for being a fast learner, is taking some big steps onto the LIVE STAGE in an interactive show for little learners of all ages, for the first time in Singapore on 15th June 2024 at the Esplanade Theatre!

  4. It is night-time at the Finn family’s house. Feeling excited about their family picnic tomorrow, Finn cannot fall asleep and so are his sister, Bora and brother, Brody. Looking outside the window, they notice a bright star appearing in the night sky. The 3 siblings make wishes and suddenly a magical flash of light dazzles in the sky and CRASH! The Funn siblings, along with their pet cat Boo, Finn’s favorite Baby Shark doll, and a very special guest, Pinkfong, find themselves on a magical dream adventure in search of a fallen star.

  5. This fun-filled musical nursery adventure, with the help of some enchanting magic, is staged with vibrant colors & imagery, featuring kids’ favorite sing-alongs and dances, as we play together and step into Bebefinn’s world LIVE in Singapore!

  6. Let’s celebrate the June holidays with your beloved children in this Finn-tastic Bebefinn’s Singapore Show. Finn, Bora, Brody, and Baby Shark cannot wait to meet you all on 15 June at the Esplanade Theatre!


Re-Union Concert

Grasshopper 2024 Re-Union Concert.jpg




万众期待的香港殿堂级唱跳组合,粤语流行乐传奇人物草蜢将与新加坡歌迷朋友重聚啦!一起来感受草蜢的舞台魅力,集体回忆草蜢的*音乐的魔力和经典歌曲,包括失恋阵线联盟 (Club Broken Heart)”, “忘情森巴舞 (Blame it on the Samba)” & “寶貝對不起Baby I’m Sorry”*等



Mark your calendars - ticket sales start May 11th at 10am.


Get ready to journey back in time with Grasshopper!

Join us for an unforgettable reunion concert where nostalgia meets magic. From timeless tunes to heartfelt memories, this night is about celebrating the bond between Grasshopper and their fans.

高尔宣 OSN《CTRL+N新视界》2024 巡回演唱会-新加坡站

高尔宣 OSN《CTRL+N新视界》2024 巡回演唱会-新加坡站.jpg

演唱会门票将于5月14日10:00A.M. 启售

「唱作才子」高尔宣 10月19日将首次唱响新加坡的舞台,快来与高尔宣OSN 一起携手走入「新视界」!

《CTRL+N 新视界》高尔宣 OSN 2024 巡回演唱会-新加坡站,将于2024年10月19日(星期六)傍晚8点,在滨海艺术中心剧院举办,这也是高尔宣第一次来新献唱! 高尔宣不仅拥有抒情饶舌和创作天份,更以他独特的风格和才华吸引了众多歌迷。 从饶舌到情歌,从嘻哈到嗨歌,无不展现着他独特的个人魅力。 创作多以抒情的情歌风格为主的他,写的不仅仅是情歌,更是「男人的青春」,他的歌词不只是是词汇的堆砌,也是心灵的抒发。

2019年,高尔宣推出个人首张全创作专辑《#osnrap》,其中的代表作《WITHOUT YOU》更是火爆全网。 这首歌不仅率先协助他入围「第31届金曲奖」的「年度歌曲奖」,更让他的首张专辑《#OSNRAP》在2019至2020年间横扫各大主流颁奖典礼,收获众多奖项。 其中包括,在全球高度关注的「MNET亚洲音乐大奖」(MAMA)中,勇夺「最佳亚洲新人」、入围台湾金曲奖最佳新人奖等。




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