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Keith Sim


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Shin Bin

Project Manager


Chen Ming Pei

Senior Producer

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Yu Bin

Production Manager

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Ying Ying

Operation Manager





Jonathan Goh


Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd


BIZ TRENDS MEDIA PTE LTD is an events consultancy and management agency that specializes in concerts and artiste management.


BIZ TRENDS MEDIA PTE LTD is also the licensee for various family entertainment international brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Peppa Pig, Baby Shark, etc. 



To be the heartbeat of unforgettable experiences, weaving a tapestry of joy, inspiration, and connection 

through world-class concerts. We envision a global stage where our events transcend boundaries, leaving 

indelible memories that resonate with diverse audiences, uniting them in the universal language of music.



Creating immersive environments that forge emotional connections between artists and audience, fostering shared moments of joy, reflection, and inspiration.


Our Vibrant and dynamic team is the beating heart behind

the magic of live entertainment. Comprising a diverse 

ensemble of passionate team, we unite under a shared love 

for music and a collective commitment to creating 

unforgettable concert experiences.


Our seasoned team orchestrate seamless concerts, 

meticulously crafting each detail to ensure a harmonious 

and immersive experience for all our stakeholders.


801 French Rd

#02 - 31 / 33  S200801

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2021. Proudly created by Biz Trends Media



Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd


Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd, is an agency that provides a host of Marketing Support Services  and Consultancy to its regular and/or retainer clients.  Being an events consultancy and management agency, Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd specializes in special events like launches, road shows, stage shows, fashion shows, seminars, concerts and artiste management.  


Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd is also a PR consultancy firm.  Apart from administering all concerts’ editorial write-ups, the company acts as a PR consultant to many events and festival.  The on-going major project was Singapore Street Festival – A special project under National Arts Council where the company being appointed as the PR consultant of the festival. Other commercial PR consultancy includes Jean Yip Group, Nature Environment Products (Diamond Water) and many others.  Our company has strong rapport and is proficient in communicating with the press.


Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd is the event/PR consultancy management agency for many accredited organizations.  The agency had serviced organizations like: 

Star Cruises - MGM Mirage National Library Board - OTO Bodycare

Swee Cheng Management (Heeren) - Novena Holdings Pte Ltd Vignette Asia

- Baiduri Bank PCCW PanPac Media NTUC Income - Cathay Organisation

TS Laser - Esplanade HMV Singapore Tourism Board Wynn International

- Capitaland properties Genting Entertainment - Jean Yip Group Singapore Press Holdings


Being appointed by Star Cruises as the Singapore Agency for the onboard entertainment, Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd had done numerous events and VIP shows onboard Star Cruises for the past eight years.Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd has also carved a niche in the fashion industry.  Our company has always been the agency for promoting the awareness and hype of the shopping complex – Capitaland Properties.  Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd had also done many private shows for MGM Mirage and Wynn International – A casino in Las Angeles. Global Music & Publishing Pte Ltd, an artiste management and record label arm of Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd, has signed artistes like Jeff Wang, 

Wendy Tseng and Ling Xiao, overseas artistes like Nancy Sit, Pan Mei Chen and ai Chew Feng.  Having done many concerts, the company is supported by many talented personalities, artistes and singers all over the world.  


Supreme Music & Publishing Pte Ltd is another arm of Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd who specializes in concerts.  The company’s recent concert stars artistes like Sky Wu, Pan Mei Chen, Zhao Yong Hua, Qian Bai Hui, Meng Ting Wei, You Ya and Cai Chew Feng.


Having written and choreographed few short skits and plays, our company is confident to service our clients in a more varied manner providing our clients with more choices in their events which cater to their different needs and expectations.


Our company had done few mass competitions like Karaoke Competition and Model Search that involve the public in general.  Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd is not only strong in events management, our company is also proficient in logistics and administrations required for massive public events.


As a one-stop service centre for marketing services agency, Biz Trends Media Pte Ltd aims to provide our clients with convenience so as to enhance the efficiency of any tasked assignments.  Being committed and resourceful in this industry, our company is confident to grow with our clients for their businesses tomorrow.


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