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Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong 

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  • What to expect

  • Billion years ago, the planet was governed by the ancient vertebrate beings —dinosaurs. One day, after several decades, the volcano erupted; the boiling lava covered the earth. Billion years later, underneath the cracked yellow-sand, the remains of Mesozoic rulers were buried deep down. Humans took up the chisels and dug up one after one bones of dinosaurs buried by history…

Baby Shark Musical: The Hidden Treasure in Hong Kong

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  • Baby Shark, everyone’s favorite fishy friend in the deep blue sea, is coming back in a brand-new, 65-minute fin-tastic adventure!

  • That’s right! Baby Shark is returning to the live stage together with Pinkfong and Hogi. They’ll be going on their biggest adventure yet, and you are all invited! Also, joining our line-up will be Mommy and Daddy Shark, Hettie the Hermit Crab, Shimmer the Octopus and many more of our colorful Fishy Friends!

「Forest Adventure」ROBOCAR POLI Live Show

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  • The children's first hero “Robocar POLI” will come to Hong Kong for the first time to bring the thrill and stimulation rescue story to the stage. 

    The story take place on the day of the rescue team's regular car inspection, the mysterious "tree-stump" appeared the in deep forests, accompanied by monster strange roar, and Spooky has recently become very strange. All strange signs indicate that something terrible will happen! 

Overseas ShowsMACAU

  《Peppa Pig 玩樂日互動特展》 – 澳門站

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  • 風靡全球兒童界的超級巨星Peppa Pig今年 4 月將席捲澳門發放歡笑! Peppa的超凡魅力不僅令幼童們著迷,她那可愛詼諧的性格,大人也被她深深吸引。

  • 「Peppa Pig 玩樂日互動特展 – 澳門站」呈現出多個陪伴著Peppa成長及充滿著美好回憶和歡笑的地方,讓粉絲們也能親身體驗其中樂趣,與家人和朋友在互動特展裡一同尋找快樂的鑰匙,編織難忘的回憶。

  • 從軟墊遊戲區玩到郊外的場景,再從田園的佈置走到城市的畫面,還原動畫的經典場景、加碼展出⽴立體⻆角色人物。展區中將串聯以Peppa Pig為主題的互動科技,打造體驗設施,透過生動的投影例如跳泥巴,灌溉田園到參與跑步競賽呈現出。快來和Peppa和她的家人和朋友们一起玩起來吧! 愛你的「Peppa Pig 玩樂日互動特展 – 澳門站」將於 4 月在百老匯和大家見面啦!

Geronimo Stilton Live 
- The Return of the Kingdom of the Fantasy
FanFan Road To Happiness World Tour Concert 2019
FanFan Road To Happiness World Tour
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