doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo A brand new show coming soon to Hong Kong, stay Tuned!

Peppa Pig Live - Perfect Rainy Day


The superstar of the children's world "Peppa Pig" is back in Macau! The 75-minute brand-new musical brings the colorful world from the screen to the stage. Let's see what happens to the Peppa family and friends this time!

As an unexpected storm comes by, Peppa Pig’s grandparents arrive at her house along with their loveable pet, Polly Parrot, followed by Peppa’s friends Rebecca Rabbit and Suzy Sheep. While the storm continues and everyone is stuck in the house with nothing to do, Mummy Pig suggests putting on “A Rainy Day Play”. Everyone gets creative and contributes to this wonderful play. This charming live show is filled with family, friendship, color and fun – so don’t miss all the laughter of Peppa Pig Live – Perfect Rainy Day!