Baby Shark, everyone’s favorite fishy friend in the deep blue sea,  is coming back in a brand-new, 65-minute fin-tastic adventure[1] [2] !

That’s right! Baby Shark is returning to the live stage together with Pinkfong and Hogi. They’ll be going on their biggest adventure yet, and you are all invited! Also, joining our line-up will be  Mommy and Daddy Shark, Hettie the Hermit Crab, Shimmer the Octopus and many more of our colorful Fishy Friends!

It’s a sunny new day and the sandy town of Reefville is buzzing with excitement as our Fishy Friends gather to welcome the town’s newest residents, the  Shark Family! It’s finally time for Reefville’s First Annual Treasure Hunt and everyone from near and far has been invited to join in the fun.

Baby Shark can’t wait for the Treasure Hunt and invite Pinkfong and Hogi to team up on the search for treasure. To find the hidden treasure, our fishy friends must solve five fun rhyming riddles before the sun goes down. Their search leads them to  explore exciting new places under the deep blue sea.

Soon our teams find themselves on the way  to a mysterious shipwreck where they find more than they expected inside. What could this shipwreck hold? Spooky secrets or treasures of gold? 

It’s time for us to all work together and learn some valuable lessons while singing and having pirate fun!

This all new music packed live show promises to bring all of Baby Shark’s friends on an ocean adventure to learn about friendship, family and to discover that true treasure might just be inside of us all. 

Don’t miss out on this journey to a hidden undersea world filled with magic and wonder, opening December 19 and 20, 2020 at Star Hall, 3rd Floor, KITEC..

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