Geronimo Stilton Live in Malaysia - A Brand New Show


120 million books sold worldwide, GERONIMO STILTON is created to entertain and envelop an audience of children and families. 


They include an exceptional range of special effects such as 3D projection and animation that will take its audience with captivating numbers, both songs and raps.




Geronimo Stilton Live - Geronimo Stilton never expected to return to the Kingdom of Fantasy, but the Queen of the Fairies, Blossom, asks him to find the Heart of Happiness.  Thus, Geronimo Stilton is re-united with Scribblehopper and walk through kingdom to kingdom again.


Holey cheese! Geronimo Stilton had the most fabumouse adventure!  Join Geronimo Stilton to save and spread happiness with a smile around the world!


Geronimo Stilton Live - The Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy is a journey using multi-media effects, music and animation to bring the magical elements of the second book of the Kingdom of Fantasy series to life onstage.


For ticket booking:

Hotline : 603 9222 8811