Upin & Ipin - Pin Pin Pom Musical


Upin & Ipin is a 3D animated series that revolves around five-year-old twins who live with their grandmother. Opah and sister, Kak Ros, in a village, is a well-loved series that’s now part of Malaysian pop culture. The twins’ catchphrase “Betul, betul, betul!” has now made the series an established Malaysian animated brand that reaches over 300 million people.

Upin and Ipin, precocious five-year-old twins from the eponymous Malaysian 3D animated TV series, finally grace Malaysia theater stages in a musical. Get ready for the first-ever Upin & Ipin Musical - Pin Pin Pom! - in Malaysia.

You Ya Concert Live in Malaysia 2022

You Ya Concert Live in Malaysia 2022.jpg

You Ya debuted as a child star in the 1960s, and is well known for her classical Taiwanese songs ‘Youya's Brother’, ‘A Man Who Has No Conscience’, ‘Unforgettable Lover’, ’Wait for No One’, ‘Sunset West Mountain’ and so on.

In 1970, she caused a sensation with her song ‘Only Memories of the Past’, which was composed by Liu Jiachang , lyrics by Lin Huangkun and released by Haishan Records. Thus, You Ya’s name as a singer became more prominent. Cantopop superstars Jacky Cheung and Andy Lau regard her as an idol. It was this song, ‘Only Memories of the Past’, that made her an instant hit and to this day, still well-loved by her fans around the world.

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park:

Interactive Indoor Playground

Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park: Interactive Indoor Playground.jpg
  • Jurassic Dinosaur Adventure Park Interactive indoor playground is here in Malaysia for the first time!

  • Featuring different kinds of dinosaurs and a vast variety of games where the children can play in

  • Family Entertainment Centre