Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong

Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong 

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2021 Jul 3 - Aug22 Jurassic X The Dinosa
Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong 2
Pterosauria attack! Guard the eggs!
Run! Triceratops!
Time for babysitting! Let’s feed the thi
Come and ride the dinosaurs!
Arghhh~more strength! tug of war with Ke
Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong 1
Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park Hong Kong 3
  • What to expect

  • Billion years ago, the planet was governed by the ancient vertebrate beings —dinosaurs. One day, after several decades, the volcano erupted; the boiling lava covered the earth. Billion years later, underneath the cracked yellow-sand, the remains of Mesozoic rulers were buried deep down. Humans took up the chisels and dug up one after one bones of dinosaurs buried by history…

  • 「Life finds a way」─Dr. Ian Malcolm〈excerpt from 《Jurassic Park》〉

  • Dinosaurs once ruled the entire terrestrial ecology for over 1.6billon years. The evolutionary history of these massive governors remains mysterious. In the process of reasoning, humans realized a message which transcended time and space—living is not equal to breathing and life is moving in various formations. Only by leaving our traces would it represent that we haven’t existed in vain.

  • In “Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park”, we are about to take the audience back to the era of dinosaurs to experience the overwhelmed sensation at the heyday of dinosaurs. Additionally, the audience will be infected with its exuberant desire of survival and experiences the wonder and palpitation of life.

Pinkfong Baby Shark™ LIVE!

The Hidden Treasure



    Due to the latest development of the COVID-19, we are deeply sorry to announce that, the 「Baby Shark LIVE: The Hidden Treasure」, which has been rescheduled to 20th & 21st February 2021 at Star Hall, Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Kowloon will be postponed to 12th & 13th June 2021. The decision was made prioritizing the health and safety of our audience, patrons, artists and staff and surrounding communities. 

    Ticket holders can present their original tickets for 19th & 20th December 2020 or 20th & 21st February 2021 shows for admission to the new rescheduled date on 12th & 13th June 2021, please click HERE for the rescheduled date & time details. 

    This show will only be staged when it’s permissible by the related regulations. Should you choose to keep the tickets and the new rescheduled date is still impossible to be staged, there will be another round of refund to be made then. 

    For those who are firmed that they are unable to attend the new rescheduled date, they can request refund subject to the following refund procedure HERE . 

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Baby Shark, everyone’s favorite fishy friend in the deep blue sea, is coming back in a brand-new, 65-minute fin-tastic adventure!

That’s right! Baby Shark is returning to the live stage together with Pinkfong and Hogi. They’ll be going on their biggest adventure yet, and you are all invited! Also, joining our line-up will be Mommy and Daddy Shark, Hettie the Hermit Crab, Shimmer the Octopus and many more of our colorful Fishy Friends!

It’s a sunny new day and the sandy town of Reefville is buzzing with excitement as our Fishy Friends gather to welcome the town’s newest residents, the Shark Family! It’s finally time for Reefville’s First Annual Treasure Hunt and everyone from near and far has been invited to join in the fun.

Baby Shark can’t wait for the Treasure Hunt and invite Pinkfong and Hogi to team up on the search for treasure. To find the hidden treasure, our fishy friends must solve five fun rhyming riddles before the sun goes down. Their search leads them to explore exciting new places under the deep blue sea. 

Pinkfong Baby Shark™ LIVE! The Hidden Tr

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「Forest Adventure」


The children's first hero “Robocar POLI” will come to Hong Kong for the first time to bring the thrill and stimulation rescue story to the stage. 

The story take place on the day of the rescue team's regular car inspection, the mysterious "tree-stump" appeared the in deep forests, accompanied by monster strange roar, and Spooky has recently become very strange. All strange signs indicate that something terrible will happen! 

In order to protect the safety of the town, the brave and heroic captain Poli, with the brave Roy, the kind Amber and the loveliest Helly, will work together to overcome the difficulties to help friends and save the town. 

In the spirit of the rescue process, the children will know the correct safety knowledge and spread the spirit of teamwork, cooperation and concern for others.

2021 Oct1&2 POLI HK@Poster@sistic@pth.jp

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Geronimo 1

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Geronimo 7

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Geronimo 4

Geronimo 1
Geronimo 1

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