Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair – Macau 

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Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive  Fun Fair – Macau 

<Celebrate Friendship with Interactive Fun>


Peppa Pig, the popular superstar in the children's world is coming to Broadway Macau™ in April! Peppa's extraordinary charm not only fascinates young children, adults are also deeply attracted to her cute and humorous character. Peppa is sure to bring so much fun to this season. 


Featuring a multitude of activities "Peppa Pig Happy Day Interactive Fun Fair - Macau ".

We visit where Peppa grows up, filled with good memories and laughter.  Fans can experience the Peppa Pig Happy Day’s fun in person, find the keys to happiness and create unforgettable memories together with their friends and family.


Combining themed areas from the soft play area to the countryside, from the garden to the city, recreating the classic scenes from the animated series and featuring three-dimensional character statues.  


There are also a number of “Peppa Pig ironic moments” themed interactive video projections activities such as jumping in muddy puddles, participating in running competitions and watering the plants in the garden. 

Come and play with Peppa Pig and her family and friends at Broadway Macau™ in April.  Don’t miss it!