‘Boundless curiosity’ and a ‘can-do attitude’ are the two things that describe Pinkfong. Pinkfong is traveling from planet Staria in search of new friends. Pinkfong is learning how to use magic but often fails comedically before getting things right. 


Hogi loves reading books, also being known as the “walking encyclopedia” to his friends. 

There are a lot of books that Hogi has read, but Hogi never actually have done anything by the books. If Hogi hadn’t met Pinkfong, Hogi would probably still be reading about the types of adventures they go on. 


Fearful but Gallant 

Daddy Shark is a family oriented guy who is always on the lookout for possible dangers. 

Others might say that he is timid, but he is only being cautious to make sure that everyone is safe. 

He becomes most courageous and heroic when his family is in jeopardy. 


Caring Homemaker

Sensitive and neat, he loves being a stay-at-home dad. 

He is the main caregiver for Brooklyn and the main homemaker of the household. 



Pleasant & Empathetic 

Are you looking for someone who will listen to you and support you?

Well, look no further! Mommy Shark is empathetic and listens without judgement. 

Plus, her pleasant personality will cheer you right up. 


Optimistic & Daring 

‘Experience is the best teacher!’

Being ultra-optimistic, she doesn’t worry about things that haven’t happened. 

She believes in hands-on experience and encourages Brooklyn to go and explore the ocean. 

Baby Shark @Shark@RGB.png


A social butterfly full of positive energy.

Baby Shark is fascinated with everything the world has to offer and loves to explore new places with a group of amazing friends. Just like Grandma Shark, Baby Shark loves making new friends, and always encourages others.